Roof conversion & alterations

A roof conversion to provide additional habitable space is a common feature to be found in virtually all styles of houses. It is a relatively economic way of increasing usable floor space but invariably there are problems of locating the new stairs to provide decent access and how to make best use of the reduced headroom under the sloping roofs.

The clients for this project were keen to maximise the potential for the new roof space and, at the same time, to increase the ground floor hall  to improve the quality of light and space.

The solution of taking the existing staircase out and building a new one that goes to the roof  sounds quite radical but the benefits in  increasing the floor space at each level and providing improved levels of daylight make it worthwhile. The architectural opportunities for re-modelling the existing exterior were also a factor in this design solution. The client was seeking a contemporary feel whilst still remaining sympathetic to the original house form.

llandaff, cardiff

June 2018


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